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Organizations and individuals in today’s fast paced, dynamic world constantly seek to enrich their relationships with their customers in order to face the un-abating challenge of creating new value and effectively fulfilling customers' changing needs. This comes while businesses strive to maintain and expand their client base while lowering costs yet making their Internet presence both creative and appealing.

bGlobal assists by providing superior and tailored fit back office interactive and programming services that are cost effective using the latest in web 2.0 and open source technologies.

We create, process, and distribute mission critical information to clients located all over the globe every day through our team of educated, enthusiastic, and loyal individuals at a cost substantially lower than the competition or completing these processes "onshore".

We could use all of the catch-phrases, but our message is simple, we help you reduce your operating costs, create new value, and allow you to focus on your core competencies. Read more


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Working along side our agency partner Skylark, bGlobal was tasked with the creation and programming of an e-commerce mini site for the only Antarctica tour operator: White Desert.

bGlobal created the site's e-comm architecture which included an interactive and easy to use shopping cart system, interactive flash navigation, and product catalog to show case the necessities of surviving in the ultra cold climate of Antarctica.

Check out the site: